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Community Cards

Arizona residents who are not affiliated with ASU may be eligible to check out library materials through the purchase of a Community Card. This card will enable the user to check out circulating materials from any ASU library. All Community Cards, except the Interlibrary Loan Card, can be purchased at the Law Library Circulation Desk. Payments must be made by check or with exact change. Community Cards must be applied for in person and individuals must meet the eligibility requirements specific to the type of card purchased. Borrowing privileges are not transferable. Interlibrary loan services are available only through the purchase of an Interlibrary Loan Card.

Visit the ASU Libraries website for detailed information on the Community Borrower Loan Policy.

Card Type

Eligibility Requirements


General Borrower Any Arizona resident 21 years of age or over.
Must show a photo ID and proof of Arizona residency and age.
ASU Alumni Current members of the ASU Alumni Association.  Must provide current membership card and photo ID. $25

Card expires on the date of alumni membership expiration or one year from date of purchase, whichever is soonest.
Parent Borrower Parents may list up to two dependent children under the age of 21 as borrowers.  Cardholder must be 21 years of age or over and must show a photo ID and proof of Arizona residency and age when applying.  Dependents are required to show photo ID when using card. $100/year
Maricopa Community College Any registered student of the Maricopa Community College system. Must show photo ID, current school ID and proof of registration. No age requirement. $35 /semester or $100/year
Private Colleges (Arizona Residents Only) Any registered student from a non-public college/university. Must show photo ID, current school ID and proof of registration. No age requirement. $100/year
NAU or UA Students Any registered student of Northern Arizona University or University of Arizona. Must show photo ID, current university ID and proof of registration. No age requirement.  Card must be renewed each semester. Free
NAU or U of A Faculty/Staff Card Any faculty or staff, who is currently employed at Northern Arizona University or University of Arizona. Must show current ID and proof of employment. Free
Interlibrary Loan Card (The Law Library does not issue ILL cards. This card must be purchased at Hayden Library.) Any Arizona resident or visiting academic with valid credentials. Permits the individual to have up to 22 ILL transactions per year. May have to pay associated additional/exceptional ILL charges normally passed on to ASU ILL users. $500/year
Corporate Card Card issued in the name of a profit or non-profit business, organization, or corporation. Requires corporate payment.  Up to five (5) named individuals are granted borrowing privileges.  named borrowers must show photo ID.  $1000/year

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