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This guide covers federal and general practice materials. For practice materials that focus on Arizona law, see the Arizona Practice Materials guide. If you need help finding or using practice materials, ask a librarian.

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General Form Books

Am Jur Legal Forms
KF170.A542 and Westlaw: AMJUR-LF
Legal Checklists: Specially Selected Forms
Nichols Cyclopedia of Legal Forms, Annotated
KF170.N533 and Westlaw: NICHOLS-LF
West's Legal Forms
KF 170 W47 1981 and Westlaw: WEST-LF

For forms by subject, see our guide to Legal Forms.


Federal Practice

Federal Appellate Practice: Ninth Circuit
This is a one-volume guide to Ninth Circuit practice and procedure.
KF9054 9TH .F44 and Westlaw: FAPPRAC9C
Federal Jury Practice and Instructions
These nine volumes include step-by-step guidance on federal jury practice and instructions, civil and criminal. Includes forms.
KF8984 .D4 and Westlaw: FED-JI
Federal Local Court Rules
This set has local federal district court rules, arranged alphabetically by state.
Federal Practice and Procedure
Commonly known as "Wright & Miller." This multi-volume treatise is arranged by rule number in the following volumes: criminal; civil; jurisdiction and related matters; and evidence.
KF8840 .W7 and Westlaw: FPP
Federal Procedural Forms, Lawyers Edition
Civil, criminal and administrative forms arranged by topic.
KF8836 F4 and Westlaw: FEDPROF
Federal Procedure, Lawyers Edition
These volumes contain commentary covering civil, criminal and administrative federal procedure, arranged alphabetically by topic.
KF8835.F43 and Westlaw: FEDPROC
Manual of Model Civil Jury Instructions for the District Courts of the Ninth Circuit
Manual of Model Criminal Jury Instructions for the District Courts of the Ninth Circuit
Moore's Federal Practice
This multi-volume looseleaf set has commentary covering civil, criminal, appellate, and admiralty procedure.
KF8820 .A313 M64 and LexisNexis: MATBEN;MOORES (civil) and MATBEN;CIPRCP (criminal)
Nichols Cyclopedia of Federal Procedure Forms
This is a multi-volume treatise, arranged by subject, which covers civil, criminal, and appellate procedure. It includes several volumes of forms.
KF8840 C95
Supreme Court Practice
This is a one-volume guide to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court.
KF9057 S8
West's Federal Administrative Practice
This set examines federal administrative practice and includes checklists and forms. It is arranged by topic, such as government contracts, workers' compensation, retirement planning, etc.
KF8840 .V6 and Westlaw: WEST-FDADM
West's Federal Forms
This set is organized by federal rule number and has separate volumes for the Supreme Court, courts of appeal, district courts, and bankruptcy courts.
KF8836.W473 and Westlaw: FEDFORMS

Trial Preparation

American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated
These are forms for complaints, motions, orders, and jury instructions, arranged alphabetically by topic.
KF8868.1.A54 and Westlaw: AMJUR-PP
American Jurisprudence Proof of Facts
This set includes text and sample testimony to assist lawyers in proving facts involving specific areas of the law.
KF8933.A41 and Westlaw: AMJUR-POF
American Jurisprudence Trials
This is an encyclopedic guide to techniques and tactics used in preparing and trying cases.
KF8915.A85 and Westlaw: AMJUR-TRIALS
Bender's Forms of Discovery
This set has sample interrogatories arranged by topic.
KF8900.A3 B45 and LexisNexis: MATBEN;BFDISC (interrogatories) and MATBEN;BFDIST (treatise)
Depositions: Procedure, Strategy and Technique
This volume addresses preparing for depositions, the deposing attorney's perspective, the defending party's perspective, and using depositions at trial.
8900.L57 and Westlaw: DEPOPST
Pattern Deposition Checklists
These four volumes includes checklists for depositions arranged by broad topic, such as medical malpractice.
KF8900.D3 and Westlaw: PDEPC
Pattern Discovery Series on Westlaw:
Employment Discrimination: PDED;
Premises Liability: PDPREML;
Products Liability: PDPRODL;
Motor Vehicles: PDMV;
Motor Vehicles - DUI: PDMV-DUI; and
Torts Actions: PDTORT.
Shepard's Causes of Action
This set is a series of articles that discuss causes of actions, including the steps necessary to determine whether particular facts give rise to a cause of action.
KF1250.S53 and Westlaw: COA

Jury Instructions by Subject

Jury Instructions on Medical Issues
KF8984.A65 E22
Jury Instructions on Products Liability
Model Jury Instructions: Business Tort Litigation
KF8984.A65 M6
Model Jury Instructions: Employment Litigation
KF8984. E39
Model Jury Instructions in Civil Antitrust Cases
KF9066.A5 M63
Model Jury Instructions: Patent Litigation

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