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The following is a suggested list of reputable treatises on frequently researched subjects. The call numbers on this page link to library catalog records, which provide information about location, availability, and currency of each item in the Ross-Blakley Law Library. The guide also indicates whether a title is available through an online database such as Westlaw, LexisNexis., Bloomberg Law, or CCH.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law Treatise / by Richard J. Pierce, Jr.
5th ed., Aspen 2010–
Antitrust Law
Antitrust Law: An Analysis of Antitrust Principles and Their Application / by Phillip Areeda & Herbert Hovenkamp
3d ed., Aspen 2006–
Antitrust Laws and Trade Regulation / by Julian O. von Kalinowski, Peter Sullivan, & Maureen McGuirl
Mathew Bender 2006
                KF1606.5 .V65

Arts and Entertainment
Lindey on Entertainment, Publishing and the Arts: Agreements and the Law / by Alexander Lindey & Michael Landeau
3d ed., Thomson/West 2004–

Banking Law
Banking Law and Regulation/ by Michael P. Malloy
2nd ed., Aspen Publishers 2011-
The Law and Regulation of Financial Institutions / by Milton R. Schroeder
A.S. Pratt & Sons 1998–

Michie on Banks and Banking / by the editorial staff of the publisher
Michie/LexisNexis 1955–
Collier on Bankruptcy / Lawrence P. King, editor-in-chief
16th ed., Matthew Bender  2009– 
KF1524 .C6 2009
Available in LexisNexis

Bankruptcy Law Fundamentals / by Richard I. Aaron
Thomson West 2012
Commercial Code
Uniform Commercial Code / by James J. White and Robert S. Summers
                6th ed., West 2010—
                KF890 .W452 2010
                Available in Westlaw (WS-UCC)

Lawrence's Anderson on the Uniform Commercial Code / by Lary Lawrence
               KF879.514 .A53 1981
               Available in Westlaw 


Constitutional Law
Treatise on Constitutional Law: Substance and Procedure / by Ronald D. Rotunda & John E. Nowak
5th ed., Thomson West 2012

Available in Westlaw


Constitutional Law: Principles and Policies/ by Erwin Chemerinsky
                3rd ed., Aspen 2006
                KF4550 .C427 2006
Corbin on Contracts: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Rules of Contract Law / by Arthur Linton Corbin
Rev. edition by Joseph M. Perillo, Lexis 2000–
Farnsworth on Contracts / by E. Allan Farnsworth
3rd ed., Aspen 2004
                KF801 .F37 2004
Copyright: See Intellectual Property
Fletcher Cyclopedia of the Law of Corporations / by William Meade Fletcher
Revised by Jennifer L. Berger, Patricia A. Groble & Carol A. Jones
Thomson/West 2006–
Fletcher Corporation Forms, Annotated / by William Meade Fletcher                     
               5th ed., West / Thomson Reuters 2011–
Principles of Corporate Governance: Analysis and Recommendations / by the American Law Institute
American Law Institute Publishers 1994–
KF1422 .P763 1994, 2008 Reprint

O'Neal and Thompson's Oppression of Minority Shareholders and LLC Members / by the late F. Hodge O'Neal and Robert B. Thompson
Rev. 2d ed., Thomson/West 2004–
Available in Westlaw (OPPMINSH)

Criminal Law

Search and Seizure: A Treatise on the Fourth Amendment / by Wayne R. LaFave
               5th ed., West 2012–
               KF9630 .L33 2012
               Available in Westlaw

Criminal Procedure/  by Wayne R. LaFave, Jerold H. Israel, Nancy J. King, and Orin S. Kerr
               4th ed. West 2015
                  KF9619 .L34 2015
                  Available in Westlaw

Substantive Criminal Law / by Wayne R. LaFave
                2nd ed. West 2003
                KF9219 .L386 2003
                Available in Westlaw

Wharton's criminal evidence./ Barbara E. Bergman and Nancy Hollander
                15th ed. West 1997
                KF9660 .W47 1997
                Available in Westlaw

Wharton's criminal procedure / by Nancy Hollander, Barbara E. Bergman, Melissa Stephenson
                14th ed. West 2007
                KF9619 .W43 2007

Debtor-Creditor Law
Commercial and Debtor-Creditor Law: Selected Statutes/ compiled by Douglas G. Baird, Theodore Eisenberg, and Thomas H. Jackson
                Thomson Reuters, 2010
                KF897 .A21 2010

Debtor-Creditor Law / Barry L. Fisher & Aileen M. Jenner, managing editors
M. Bender 1982–
Eminent Domain
Nichols' the Law of Eminent Domain / by Julius Sackman
Rev. 3d ed., M. Bender 1964–
McCormick on Evidence / Kenneth S. Broun, general editor
6th ed., Thomson/West 2006–
The New Wigmore: A Treatise on Evidence 
2nd ed., Aspen Law and Business 2010
Federal Practice and Procedure
Moore's Federal Practice - Civil / by James Wm. Moore
3d ed., M. Bender 1997–
Federal Practice And Procedure / by Charles Alan Wright
West 1969–
Immigration Law
Immigration Law And Procedure / by Charles Gordon, Stanley Mailman & Stephen Yale-Loehr
Rev. ed., Bender 1988–
Indian Law
Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law / Nell Jessup Newton, editor-in-chief
2012 ed., American Indian Law Center 2012


Insurance Law

New Appleman on Insurance Law Library Edition/ edited by Jeffrey E. Thomas
                Law library ed., LexisNexis 2009—
                KF1164 .A7 2009
Couch on Insurance 3d / by Lee R. Russ, in consultation with Thomas F. Segalla
West 1998–
Intellectual Property: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
McCarthy on trademarks and unfair competition / J. Thomas McCarthy
             4th ed. Clark Boardman Callaghan, 1996
             KF3180 .M3 1996     
             Available in Westlaw

The Law of Unfair Competition Trademarks and Monopolies / by Rudolf Callmann
4th ed. rev. by Louis Altman, Callaghan 1981–
Chisum on Patents : A Treatise on the Law of Patentability, Validity and Infringement / by Donald S. Chisum
M. Bender 1997–
Goldstein on Copyright / by Paul Goldstein
3d ed., Aspen 2005
Nimmer on Copyright: A Treatise on the Law of Literary, Musical and Artistic Property, and the Protection of Ideas / by Melville B. Nimmer
M. Bender 1978–
Jury Instructions
Federal Jury Practice and Instructions
6th ed., Thomson West 2006–
Labor and Employment Law
Employment Discrimination: Law and Practice / by Charles A. Sullivan and Lauren M. Walter
4th ed., Aspen 2009—
ABA/BNA Lawyers' Manual On Professional Conduct
BNA 1984–

The Law Of Lawyering / by Geoffrey C. Hazard, Jr. & W. William Hodes
3d ed., Aspen 2001–
Municipal Law
Municipal Ordinances: Text And Forms / by Thomas A. Matthews & Byron S. Matthews
2d ed., Callaghan 1972–

KF5313 .M3



The Law of Municipal Corporations / by Eugene McQuillin
3d ed. by Clark A. Nichols et al., Callaghan 1949–
Available in Westlaw (MUNICORP)
Patents: See Intellectual Property
Powell On Real Property / by Richard R. Powell and Patrick J. Rohan
M. Bender 1998–

Available in LexisNexis


Thompson On Real Property / David A. Thomas, editor-in-chief
2d Thomas ed., Lexis 1998–
Social Security Law
Social Security Claims And Procedures / by Harvey L. McCormick
6th ed., West 2009
See also the Federal Tax Research guide.
Federal Taxation of Income, Estates, and Gifts / by Boris I. Bittker & Lawrence Lokken
Warren, Gorham & Lamont 2005–
Mertens Law of Federal Income Taxation/ edited by Carina Bryant
Thomson Reuters/West 2011
Standard Federal Tax Reporter
Tort Law 

Sack on defamation : libel, slander, and related problems / Robert D. Sack
             5th ed., Practising Law Institute 2017
              KF1266 .S2 2017

The American law of torts / Stuart M. Speiser, Charles F. Krause, Alfred W. Gans
               West 1983
               KF1250 .S568 1983
Law of defamation / by Rodney A. Smolla.
              2nd ed., West 1999
              KF1266 .S56 1999

Shepard's Causes Of Action
McGraw-Hill 1983–
The Law Of Torts / by Dan B. Dobbs
West 2011
Stein On Personal Injury Damages / by Jacob A. Stein
3d ed., West 1997–
Modern Tort Law: Liability & Litigation / J.D. Lee, and Barry A. Lindhal
Rev. 2d ed., West 2002–
Trademarks: See Intellectual Property
The Law of Trusts and Trustees: A Treatise Covering the Law Relating to Trusts and Allied Subjects Affecting Trust Creation and Administration, with Forms / by George Gleason Bogert & George Taylor Bogert, William K. Stevens
Rev. 2d ed., West 1977–

Zoning Law and Practice/ by E. C. Yokley
4th ed., Michie Co., 1978–  
KF5698 .Y6 1978
               Available in LexisNexis (ZONLP)

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