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Arizona Legislation and Statutes

 This research guide describes the various publications of Arizona state legislation and identifies resources for locating the text of Arizona statutes.  


The first issuance of an enacted law passed by the Arizona Legislature is a slip law.  At the end of each legislative session, the slip laws are consolidated and arranged chronologically into a permanent set of bound volumes called session laws. Codes are the subject arrangement of session laws. An annotated code provides citations to law reviews, and legal encyclopedias, as well as abstracts of cases decided on a particular point of law.

Arizona Slip Laws

Slip laws are published by the Arizona Secretary of State.  Current slip laws are available on the website of the Arizona Legislature at

Arizona Session Laws

Session laws are an official publication of the Secretary of State’s office and are issued annually at the end of a legislative session.  Arizona Session Laws from 1864 to the present are available on HeinOnline (on campus or ASURITE). They are also available in print from 1912 to the present at KFA 2425 .A212 Law State Collection (3rd Floor).

Each session law is assigned a chapter number.  At the beginning of each chapter is the title of the bill and the Senate or House bill number. Additions to the law are usually indicated by an underline, while repeals or removal of language are indicated by a strike through. Session laws lack subject arrangement and are not cumulative, making it difficult to locate laws on a particular subject.

Aside from enacted legislation, session laws also contain:
  • Veto messages written by the Governor
  • Election results for the year
  • Listing of federal and state elected officials for Arizona
  • The Governor’s Message to the legislators at the start of the legislative session
  • Listings of memorials and proclamations
Features of the print Session Laws:
  • The Order of Acts are listed by bill number and provide the session law chapter, short title of the law, and the page number at which it can be located.
  • Parallel conversion tables for Chapter-Bill and Bill-Chapter.
  • TheIndex lists the 49 statute titles and is further subdivided into brief subject headings.
  • [Year] Laws Ch. X, § X
    Example: 1973 Laws Ch. 103 § 3
  • Ariz. Sess. Laws Ch. X, § X (year)
    Example: Sess. Laws Ch. 103 § 3 (1973) 

Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated

The Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated, published by West/Thomson Reuters, is the official statutory code for the State of Arizona. When issued in 1956, an enacting clause designated this set as the positive law (binding authoritative text of law) for Arizona.  The annotated code contains both the full-text of every statute as well as annotations, which include statutory notes, historical notes, and citations to law reviews, legal forms, legal encyclopedias, treatises, and West Digest key numbers.  Attorney General opinions and cross-references to the Arizona Administrative Code, the United States Code or, Uniform Laws may also be listed.  In addition, notes of decisions are provided in the annotated code, which provide brief synopses of cases decided on that point of law.
In addition to statutory text, the Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated contains:
  • Annotated Rules of Court
  • Constitutions: Arizona and United States
  • Declaration of Independence
  • Treaties: Treaty of Guadeloupe, Hidalgo and Gadsden Treaty
  • Proclamation of Admission/Admission of the State of Arizona
  • State Anthems
  • Constitutional Convention
  • Election Ordinance no.2
  • Enabling Act
Features of the Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated:
  • 2-volume softbound index for the entire set. The index is topical, descriptive, conceptual, and colloquial
  • Index at the end of each title
  • Popular Names Table
  • Parallel conversion tables for prior codes, session laws, and statute renumbering
  • Title outline
  • Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § X (West year)
    Example: Ariz. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 33-1365 (West 2001)
  • A.R.S. § X
    Example: A.R.S. § 33-1365
The current version of the Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated in print is located at KFA 2430 1956 .A2 Law Core and Law Arizona Reference. Superseded annotated codes are available on the third floor in the Law State Collection. The Law Library also has the historical Arizona and Arizona territorial codes available in the Law State Collection. The Arizona Revised Statutes are also available through a number of electronic resources:
  • Contains full-text session laws from the 43rd Legislature (1997) to the present
  • Arizona Revised Statutes (unannotated)
Westlaw Patron Access (Law Library access only)
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  • Arizona Statutes Annotated: AZ-ST-ANN
  • Arizona Statutes Unannotated: AZ-ST
  • Arizona Statutes Annotated (historical) 1988–last year: AZ-STANNYY (where yy is the year)
  • Arizona Legislative Service: AZ-LEGIS
  • Arizona Historical Legislative Service, 1988–last year: AZ-LEGIS-OLD
LexisNexis Academic (on campus or ASURITE)
  • Contains the full-text of the Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated: US Legal > State Statutes, Codes & Regulations > State: Arizona
Lexis Advance (Lexis Advance password required)
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