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Arizona Constitutional History: Selected Bibliography

General Treatise

Arizona Legal Research Guide.
Kathy Shimpock-Vieweg and Marianne Alcorn, general editors. -- [Buffalo, NY] : W.S. Hein and Co., 1992
Law Reserve KFA 2475 .S55 1992

Constitutional Provisions

Primary Source Documents

Arizona [Ter.] Constitution, 1893: Admission into the union. 1893
Law Microform Cabinet 25

Arizona [Ter.] Constitutional Convention, 1891: Constitution. 1891
Law Microform Cabinet 25

Arizona [Ter.] Constitutional Convention, 1891: Journals. 1891
Law Microform Cabinet 25

Journal of the Arizona Constitutional Convention of 1910 / Con P. Cronin.-- [Phoenix, AZ : n.p.] , 1925
Law Microform Cabinet 43 & Hayden Arizona JK8225 1910 .A25

[List of Propositions from the Constitutional Convention of 1910].
Law Microform Cabinet 43

Minutes of the Constitutional Convention of the Territory of Arizona. -- Phoenix, AZ : Phoenix Printing Co., 1910.
Law Microform Cabinet 25 & Hayden Arizona JK8225 .1910 .A24

[Complete Verbatim Report, Arizona Constitutional Convention, 1910]
Law Microform Cabinet 43 KFA2801 1910 .A32

Goff, John S. The Records of the Arizona Constitutional Convention of 1910 / John S. Goff, editor. -- Phoenix, AZ : State Bar of Arizona, 1991. Seeks to synthesize the various versions of the minutes of the convention.
Law State KFA2801 .1910 .A33

Constitution of the State of Arizona: adopted by Constitutional Convention, 1910; complied by Con. P. Cronin and legislative reference librarian, in collaboration with Sidney P. Osborn, Secretary of State. Phoenix, Arizona: [McNeil Co.], 1910
Law Microform Cabinet 25 & Hayden Arizona KFA2801 1911.A3 1917

The Proposed Constitution for the State of Arizona adopted by the Constitutional Convention, held at Phoenix, AZ. from October 10 to December 9, 1910. [Phoenix ;s.n., 1910]
Hayden Arizona HF JK8225 1910 .A34

Arizona Publicity Pamphlet: Propositions to be submitted to the qualified electors of the State of Arizona at the General Election [date]. Arizona Secretary of State. -- Phoenix, AZ : Secretary of State. Used for researching amendments to the Constitution placed before the electorate. Secretary of State does not have a complete full set of these pamphlets, and there is no known library with a complete collection.

Secondary Sources About the Arizona Constitution

Arizona Town Hall (5th). Revision of Arizona's Constitution. -- Tempe, AZ : Arizona State University, 1964. See also the background report written for the Town Hall by Bruce B. Mason and Heinz R. Hink.
Law Microform Cabinet 25 & Hayden Arizona F806 .A9x no.5 1964

Bakken, Gordon. “The Arizona Constitutional Convention of 1910,” 1978 Arizona State Law Journal 1 (1978).

Galvin, Jack. The History and a Comparative Study of the Constitutions of the Arizona Territorial Government and the State of Arizona. Tempe, AZ: Arizona State Univ, 1952.
Law State FA 2800.G34 1952

Leshy, John D. The Arizona State Constitution: A Reference Guide. Westport CT: Greenwood Press, 2013.
Law Reserve KFA2801 1911.A6 L467 2013

Leshy, John D. “The Making of the Arizona Constitution,” 20 Arizona State Law Journal 1 (1988).

Mason, Bruce B., John P. White and Russell B. Roush. A Guide to the Arizona Constitution. 2nd ed. -- Scottsdale, AZ. : Cross Plains Publishers, 1985. Contains brief, section by section analyses.
Hayden Arizona HF KFA2801 1911 .W48x

Both the Arizona State Law Journal and the Arizona Law Review contain in depth articles about special topics about the Arizona Constitution. Articles addressed to impeachment, judicial recall, taxation, tort reform, the Corporation Commission, gubernatorial power, right to die and agency are among those included in the pages of these journals. Consult the periodical indexes for citations to these articles. Better yet, browse through the indices to the law reviews from 1977 to the present. 

State of Arizona Constitution Timeline (The Arizona State Library, Archives and Public Records) 

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