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Regulations are enacted by Arizona state agencies. Current Arizona regulations are published in the Arizona Administrative Code (the “AAC”). The AAC is organized into 20 titles. Each title covers a broad topic, such as Professions & Occupations, Economic Security, Education, etc. Each title contains the regulations promulgated by the state agencies that work in that subject area.


A citation to an Arizona regulation looks like this: R4-16-103, which is:

Title 4 (Professions & Occupations)

Chapter 16 (Arizona Medical Board)

Section 103 (Rehearing or Review of Board Decision)


The AAC is published by the Arizona Secretary of State and is available on their web site.  A word of caution: the AAC on this web site may be as much as a year out-of-date, and this currency information is difficult to locate. The AAC is also available on commercial online sources, such as Bloomberg Law, Lexis Advance, and WestlawNext, but the commercial sources may not be any more current than the Secretary of State’s web site. If using a commercial online source, be sure to check the currency of the database.


The AAC is updated by the Arizona Administrative Register (the “Register”), which is a weekly publication. The Register is available on the Arizona Secretary of State’s web site. The Register contains, among others, Notices of Rulemaking Docket Openings, Notices of Proposed Rulemaking, and Notices of Final Rulemaking. Within the index of each Register issue is a list of regulations that have been proposed or adopted that year. The lists are cumulative for a calendar year, so when updating the AAC, you only need to look at the last issue published in any given year. Note that you may have to check this list for more than one year, depending on the currency of the AAC.

Executive Publications


Governor: Executive Orders and Proclamations
Executive orders and proclamations are available on the website of the Governor (2008-present).   

Secretary of State
The website of the Arizona Secretary of State provides access to the current Arizona Administrative Code, the Arizona Administrative Register, and Uniform Commercial Code Filings.

Attorney General Opinions
Attorney General (AG) Opinions are issued when requested by the legislature (or either house of the legislature), any public officer of the State, or a county attorney, on a question of law relating to their office.  

  • AG Opinions are available in print in the Law Library in print at KFA2840 .A554 (1980-2008), on the AG website (1999-present), and through the Arizona Memory Project (1892-present).
  • In addition, the AG Opinions are available on WestlawNext (1977-present, password required) and Lexis Advance (password required).

Arizona Corporation Commission 
The Arizona Corporation Commission (ACC) sets rules, regulations, and orders regarding public service corporations (utilities, securities) in Arizona, investigates and holds hearings on rate setting, and retains the public records of all corporations doing business within Arizona.

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