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Law Library Staff


Connie Lee Alexander Library Specialist
office phone: 480/965-5429   building/room: LAWLIB 107B
email address: connie.alexander@asu.edu  

Mariko Bigler, Library Assistant Sr.
phone: 480-965-4870   building/room: LAWLIB 111
email: mariko.bigler@asu.edu

Lyndsey Buchanan, Library Assistant Sr.
phone: 480-965-7392   building/room: LAWLIB 111
email: lyndsey.buchanan@asu.edu

Elvie Calhoun, Library Specialist Sr., Government Documents, Federal Depository Library Program
phone: 480-965-7794   building/room: LAWLIB 108
email: elvie.calhoun@asu.edu

Beth DiFelice, Ass't. Director, Ross-Blakley Law Library & Head Of Public Services
phone: 480-965-4871   building/room: LAWLIB 111D
email: beth.difelice@asu.edu

David Gay, Reference Librarian
phone: 480-965-4860   building/room: LAWLIB 112B
email: william.gay@asu.edu

Carrie Henteleff, Library Supervisor
phone: 480-965-7114   building/room: LAWLIB 111B
email: carrie.henteleff@asu.edu

Denise Just, Library Assistant
phone: 480-965-1707   building/room: LAWLIB 109
email: denise.just@asu.edu

Tara Mospan, Library Specialist Sr
phone: 480-965-4868  building/room: LAWLIB112C
email: tara.mospan@asu.edu  

Leslie A. Pardo, Head of Access Services
phone: 480-965-3579   building/room: LAWLIB 111C
email: leslie.pardo@asu.edu

Patricia Ann Roundtree, Library Assistant
phone: 480/965-4877   building/room: LAWLIB 107C
email: patricia.roundtree@asu.edu

Liset Saleh, Law Library Business Manager
phone: 480-965-4865   building/room: LAWLIB 110A
email: liset.saleh@asu.edu

Karen Scoville, Library Specialist
phone: 480-965-4869   building/room: LAWLIB 109B
email: karen.scoville@asu.edu

Kerry Skinner, Acquisitions and Serials Librarian
phone: 480-965-4872   building/room: LAWLIB 109A
email: kerry.skinner@asu.edu

Victoria Trotta, Associate Dean for Information Technology and the Ross-Blakley Law Library
phone: 480-965-2521   building/room: LAWLIB 110B
email: victoria.trotta@asu.edu

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