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Using CALI

Law students at Arizona State University have access to almost 700 computer-based lessons, tutorials, and games in the following subjects:

Administrative Law Employment Discrimination Professional Responsibility
Arbitration Environmental Law Property Law
Business Associations Evidence Real Estate Transactions
Civil Procedure Family Law Remedies
Civil Rights Federal Courts Sales
Commercial Transactions Insurance Law Securities
Constitutional Law Intellectual Property Tax Law
Contracts International Law Torts
Copyright Labor Law Trademark
Corporations Legal Concepts & Skills Trial Advocacy
Criminal Law Legal Research Wills & Trusts
Criminal Procedure Legal Writing  

Using the Lessons on Law School Computers:

The CALI lessons are already installed on the PCs in the Law Student Computer Lab. Click on the Start button and then click on Programs. You should find CALI under Legal.

Using the Lessons on Your Own Computer:

To log on the CALI web site, you must register. In the My CALI box on the right, click the link next to Not a registered user yet? If you are a student, the Law School Authorization Code is ARIZSTstu6. If you are a faculty member, contact a librarian for the faculty authorization code. Fill out the rest of the form and click Accept and Register at the bottom of the screen.

Run the lessons directly from the CALI web site. Go to and click on Lessons. Choose your lesson from the list, then click on the Flash icon.

For More Information Contact:

College of Law Help Desk ( 480-965-8181
Beth DiFelice ( 480-965-4871
CALI ( 612-627-4908


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