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Faculty Liaison Program

The Ross-Blakley Law Library strives to provide the highest level of support to its faculty. In order to accomplish this, we assign a Reference Librarian to each individual faculty member.  This librarian liaison is the principle contact for all reference and research services for the faculty member.  Your liaison will contact you as soon as you arrive at the College, or sooner if we know your location or know you wish to begin work prior to the beginning of the semester.  At your first meeting, your liaison will provide you with information about our services, familiarize you with our collections, request information about your current scholarship agenda and teaching assignments, and provide you with a list of our currently received serial titles available for routing. 

Contact your librarian liaison regarding research assistance, locating and retrieving library books and articles, interlibrary loan, book orders or materials requests, donations and gifts, library instruction, and research assistant training. Beth DiFelice oversees the research and reference programs of the library.  She can be contacted at (480) 965-4871.

Book Purchase Requests

The Law Library tries to do everything possible to anticipate your research and information needs. If there is a title you will need for an extended time for your research or that you believe should be added to the Law Library collection, please do not hesitate to contact your librarian liaison or Victoria K. Trotta at (480) 965-2521.

Electronic Research Database Password Assistance

Your librarian liaison will provide you with passwords for Westlaw, LexisNexis, CALI, and BNA databases.  If you forget your passwords or if you have any questions about the databases or their use, contact Beth DiFelice, Assistant Director and Head of Public Services at (480) 965-4871.

Research Assistant Training

Reference Librarians are a resource for your research assistants as a ‘guide on the side.’  Librarians will train them in the use of the online catalog and other electronic resources available on campus, help them conduct legal and non-legal research, and assist in the identification and retrieval of materials.  Contact your librarian liaison to set up a training session for your research assistants.

Research assistants may check out library materials in your name through the use of a proxy card.  To confer such borrowing privileges on your research assistant, you must complete and sign a proxy card application form and submit it to the Access Services Department.   Borrowing privileges are for research materials only and should not be used for the research assistant’s personal or school work. 

You are responsible for all library materials checked out to your library account, including those checked out on your research assistant proxy card. This includes proper return to one of the ASU Libraries and any fines incurred.  Research assistant proxy cards expire in May at the end of the academic year.  Proxy cards must be renewed annually through the completion of a new application form. 

Current Awareness

Your librarian liaison will use the information gathered about your current research agenda and course assignments to review current legal literature for articles and other publications that might be responsive to those research and course interests.

Tables of Contents

The Reference Librarians review the tables of contents for faculty interests of selected periodicals the library collects in print.  When a librarian identifies an article of potential interest to you, the table of contents will be emailed to you.  If you are interested in the article, you can request it by responding to the email.

New Acquisitions List

Lists of new titles purchased by the Law Library are delivered periodically to your email address and are posted online on the New Acquisitions page.  To have an item from the list checked out to you, either reply to the email with the titles you wish to review, or contact your liaison.  The Reference Librarians will also select individual titles from the new acquisitions list that correspond to your research interests and email information about those titles to you.


The University of Washington's Current Index to Legal Periodicals is a weekly subscription that provides timely topical access to over 475 university legal publications and other law journals.  Your librarian liaison will prepare a personal profile for you based on your research interests.  You can also request the tables of contents of any of the journals you wish to see on a routine basis.  This customized weekly CILP is called SmartCLIP and will be delivered to your email address.  Email any requests for articles to your library liaison.  A sample of SmartCILP can be found here.

Publications Routing

The Law Library maintains subscriptions to many serial titles, most of which are available for routing.  Your library liaison will provide you with a list of serials available for routing.  Once completed and returned to your library liaison, your name will be added to the routing list for that journal.

Email Updates

Faculty can subscribe to the following update services by following this link: https:/

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