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Bar Prep Series 2008

This new course series was designed to help law students improve their performance on the Arizona Bar Exam has been organized by Professor Michael Berch of the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law.  Passage of the grueling Bar Exam is required before law-school graduates are allowed to practice law and is usually taken late in the summer after graduation.
    "This course was put together in response to requests by the third-year law students," Berch said. "They have wanted something like this for a long time. We will look at the past five years of bar exams and, when we find a pattern of questions, we'll be highlighting those patterns."

Streaming video versions of each class are available below on this page.

The Audio Podcast and handout materials are now ALSO available on iTunes University.   Go to and open iTunes.  Go down to the Colleges, Schools, and Departments section, click on the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law button, then on the Bar Prep Series button.  You can subscribe to the podcast by clicking on the "Subscribe" button there - that way as the rest of the audio files are loaded, they will automatically appear in your iTunes. 

 Taught By
 Jan. 18 
 Civil Procedure
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 Michael Berch
 Jan. 25
 Real Property
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 Jones Osborn
 Feb. 1
 Corporations, Partnerships & Other
 Business Organizations
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NOTE: Some of the audio is missing halfway through due to the mic not being turned on. The audio does return.
 Myles Lynk
 Feb. 8
 Studying for the Bar Exam
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 Chad Noreuil and
 Rebecca Berch
 Feb. 15
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 Jonathan Rose
 Feb. 22
 Constitutional Law/Arizona and Federal
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 Paul Bender
 Feb. 29
 Community Property
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NOTE: Some of the lecture is missing due to the mic accidentally
being turned off.
 Alan Matheson
 March 3
 Betsy Grey
 March 7
 Uniform Commercial Code
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 Dale Furnish
 March 14
 No class - Spring Break
 March 21
 Criminal Procedure/Constitutional Aspects
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 Carissa Hessick
 March 28
 Gary Lowenthal
 April 4
 Trusts & Wills
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 John Becker
 April 11
 Professional Responsibility
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 Handout from class (pdf)
 John Tuchi
 April 18
 Bob Bartels